Edifice Watch

Casio Edifice watches combine advanced technology with sporty elegance. Equipped with features such as solar energy, Multi 6-band, stopwatch, and world timer, they are ideal for the stylish, active man. Innovations like Bluetooth connectivity and the Smart Access system offer convenience and efficiency. As a partner of the Toro Rosso team, they embody speed and intelligence. Discover the dynamic Casio Edifice collection.

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Edifice watches are the epitome of speed and intelligence, a perfect combination of advanced technology and sporty elegance. Designed for the man who wants to excel in both everyday life and the sporting arena, these watches offer a range of features that go beyond simply displaying the time. With capabilities such as solar charging, Multi 6-band technology, a stopwatch, and a world timer, Casio Edifice watches are a smart choice for anyone who values both functionality and style.


Innovation on Your Wrist

The Casio Edifice line is known for its innovative features. The watches come equipped with an automatic calendar, radio reception, and a countdown function. Moreover, there are models with a thermo- and tide meter, making them particularly special for outdoor activity enthusiasts and water sports lovers.


Solar Charging

Several models within the Casio Edifice collection are equipped with solar cells. These watches draw their energy from light, ensuring that you never need to replace a battery, which is both cost-saving and environmentally friendly.


Smart Access and Bluetooth


Smart Access

The Smart Access system uses an electronic crown to set all the important functions. By rotating or pressing the crown, you can easily switch between functions such as the stopwatch, alarm, countdown, or world time.



Casio Edifice watches with Bluetooth technology can be paired with a smartphone. Through an app, you can easily adjust the settings of your watch and control functions such as world time and the alarm.


Our Casio Edifice Collection

The Casio Edifice men's watch collection is characterized by a sporty-elegant look and dynamic design with attention to detail. The watches are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and scratch-resistant mineral glass.


Lines within Our Collection


Active Racing

This line consists of chronographs that exude speed and precision, with features such as smartphone linkage, tachymeter, and radio control.


Classic Edifice

The Classic Edifice line offers sporty models as well as more classic variants, without losing the sporty character.



Casio Edifice watches are more than just timekeepers; they are an extension of your personal style and technological preferences. With a Casio Edifice watch on your wrist, you are always one step ahead. Discover the collection now and find the watch that suits you.