Lorus Watches

Discover Lorus watches: stylish, affordable, and of good quality. Since 1982, Lorus, a part of Seiko, offers various models for women, men, and children. Lorus is an affordable watch for excellent quality. Choose Lorus for durability, technological innovation, and timeless elegance.

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Lorus Watches

Lorus watch is a concept in the world of timekeeping. This brand, which falls under the wings of Seiko, has become a favorite among watch enthusiasts since its launch in Europe in 1982. The combination of affordability and quality makes Lorus an attractive choice for anyone looking for a stylish watch without paying a premium. Whether you are looking for an elegant ladies Lorus watch, want to wear a robust Lorus men's watch, or are searching for a playful Lorus children's watch for your little one, at Lorus you will find a diversity of models that suit every style and occasion. With prices ranging from just €20 to €50, we offer an assortment of Lorus watches that are both accessible and appealing.


Ladies Watch Lorus

Lorus offers an extensive collection of Lorus ladies watches that perfectly match the modern woman. Whether you opt for a classic model with a leather strap or a trendy design with a metal link bracelet, the feminine touch is always present.


Lorus Men's Watches

For men, Lorus has a rugged and versatile line of Lorus men's watches. These watches are not only functional but also a statement of style. From sporty models to classic business watches, the Lorus men's watch is an accessory that fits with any outfit.


Lorus Children's Watch

The cheerful and durable Lorus children's watch collection has also been thought of for the youngest. These watches are specially designed to withstand a beating and are available in all sorts of colors and themes that appeal to children.


Men's Watch Lorus

The men's watch Lorus collection is a paragon of masculine elegance and functionality. With attention to detail and using durable materials, these watches are a reliable partner for every man.


Affordable Quality

Lorus is known for its affordable price range, without compromising on quality. This makes the brand accessible to a wide audience that values both style and durability.


Technological Innovation

Thanks to the technological expertise of parent company Seiko, Lorus watches are equipped with advanced features that you would normally only expect in more expensive brands.


In the watch market, Lorus is a brand that distinguishes itself with an excellent price-quality ratio. Other brands often offer similar styles and functions, but Lorus remains true to its philosophy of affordability and quality. This has led to the brand securing a strong position and building a loyal customer base.


Lorus watches are not just a timeless addition to your personal style, but also a smart choice for the conscious consumer. With a Lorus watch, you choose a reliable and stylish accessory that lasts for years.