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Mondaine watches, inspired by the Swiss railway clock, stand for stylish punctuality and sustainability. As the first CO2-neutral watch manufacturer, Mondaine offers timeless ladies' and men's watches with iconic red second hands and 'Stop2Go' function. Choose Mondaine's heritage of precision and environmental consciousness.

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Mondaine is not just any watch brand; it is a timeless icon that embodies the precision and reliability of the Swiss railways. With a history dating back to 1951, Mondaine has evolved from a producer of digital watches to the creator of the official Swiss Railways Watch. This watch pays tribute to the station clock designed by Hans Hilfker, a design that can now be found worldwide at train stations and airports.

Mondaine watches stand out with their clear dial and the iconic red second hand with a ball. It is a design that is not only recognizable but also radiates the essence of punctuality. The unique 'Stop2Go' feature, where the second hand pauses briefly at the 12, reflects the synchronization of station clocks with the central master clock.

As a pioneer in sustainability, Mondaine is proud of its status as the first CO2-neutral watch manufacturer. The company is committed to the environment by using solar panels, reducing packaging material, and switching to recycled and renewable materials. A Mondaine watch is therefore not just a stylish accessory, but also a choice for a greener future.

Mondaine watches: a timeless choice

Mondaine watches are more than a practical object to keep track of time; they are a statement of style and a commitment to Swiss quality and sustainability. Whether you choose a Mondaine ladies' watch or a Mondaine men's watch, you are wearing a piece of history on your wrist.

The history of Mondaine

The story of Mondaine begins in 1951, with a vision to export Swiss precision and quality. Since then, the brand has emerged as the official timekeeper of the Swiss railways, a status it wears with pride.

The unique design of Mondaine

The design of Mondaine is inspired by the Swiss railway clock and is thus a symbol of reliability and punctuality. The watches are recognizable by their minimalist style and the striking red second hand.

Mondaine's commitment to sustainability

Mondaine leads the watch industry with its commitment to sustainability. As a CO2-neutral manufacturer, Mondaine is committed to a better future for our planet.

The Stop2Go collection

The 'Stop2Go' collection from Mondaine pays tribute to the unique way the second hand of the station clocks functions. These watches capture the essence of time as displayed at stations.

Mondaine: a brand for all generations

Mondaine appeals to people of all ages with its timeless design and modern sustainability initiatives. It is a brand that connects generations through a shared appreciation for quality and design.

Mondaine is not just a watch brand; it is a heritage that combines style, precision, and environmental awareness. With a Mondaine watch, you choose an accessory that complements your outfit as well as reflects your values. Discover the collection and find the perfect watch that highlights your personality and lifestyle. Opt for a classic that never goes out of fashion and contribute to a more sustainable world. Mondaine, a choice for now and the future.